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dimarts, d’octubre 19, 2004

Cava, cafee con leche and the history of barcelona


I´ve been doing/seeing a lot tipical Catalan things the last week, but i forgat to wright them on my weblog, untill now.
Saturday 9 october we (Inge, Sanne, Merel, Sophie, Jet and I) went to San Sadourni d´Anouia (I don´t know how to wright it). San Sadourni is the Cava place to be. Espcecially on that saturday because that saturday the week of the Cava started.
When we arrived ther by train, there was nothing that looked like a big Cava party, but only a few other people. So we desided to walk there were the other people also were walking. After some time walking we entered the centre of the little village. In the little center was one street full of little white market things, were the owners of cava ´factory´s´ were selling their cava. There were lot´s of people on the street, but I believe we were the only ´tourists´.
After a little bit wandering around, we became hongry and dived into the nearest supermarket (without tasting any Cava yet) When we were eating our buyings, and asking a man to make a picture of us, his friend gave us some coupons!! With those coupons we were aloud to taste cava wherever we wanted!!!! The Cava was lovely, and during the taste session another man who was selling some kind of tapas, offered us some tapas for free to try that also.....was it so obvious that we were tourists....
After that we wanted to see how cava becomes we went to the only cava ´factory´ were they had a English speaking guide...Pere Ventura. The factory I was speaking about turned out to be a lovely Villa/Landhouse, and the English speaking guide a very kind, sweet, funny and happy only Catalan speaking man from I guess 60 years old (especially for us he would try to speak some Spanish..). He had a very caracteristic face, full of rincles and he kept saying that his boss was such a *!#??#!, because he kept all the money for his selve. We had a wonderful tour through the wine ´basement´, and we were also aloud to try some of the Pere Ventura Cava. The guide really made us laugh because he kept repeting every sentence he said, and try to make hisselve clear with a lot of non verbal sign lenguage.
After this experience none of once will ever forget, we wanted to eat something. Tapas...of course. But the only tapas bar in whole San sadourni served us not exactly what we expected from good tapas. To be very was discusting....The tapas wich was suposed to be warm was cold, and it didn´t taste really nice, there was a hair on my plate and the table wasn´t clean...but anyway...After our ´lovely´meal we wen´t to the central placa were the party was about to start. On some big screans we could see what the Cava party was about in 2003.
Than the music started and a line of dancing giants and music making horse riding people the Cava queen entered the placa and went up on a big balconie to wave to all the people and speak some words in Catalan.
As I said it was an unforgetteble experience. And when the party only was starting in San Sadourni we went back to Barcelona.

The sunday after our cava experience we wanted to do another typical thing. Drink Caffe con leche in the morning. Normally I don´t drink cofee that much, but I wanted to try this. We went looking for a typical small cute bar in our neighbourhoud (l´Eixample). After some walking we found one and dronk the caffee and eat a croissant. It was half past twelve so a little bit to late but the caffe con leche and the croissant tasted lovely. I really think I´m going to do that more often.

Saturday the sixtheenth we went to the Museu d`Història de la Ciutat on Plaça del Rei. The first part was nice but a little bit boring. We really were curious how the rests of the old city would look like. With an elevator we went down to this part of the museum. We could walk through it on some kind of bridge. We could hardly believe that the things we were walking over were so old. ´Isn´t it just fake?????It was very interesting to read what the people on those specific places were doing (like painting ´clothes´, salting fish, preparing wine etc)many many many years agoo. We also met some pro tennis players who were practicing for winning Wimbledon. We have a picture of them so when they´re going to get famous onces we can say that we ´know´ them....But besides of the tennisplayers, the museum it selves was alsoo very interesting, and I think it is very good that those very important thing got saved for such a long time.

That was my Cava, caffe con leche and the history of Bcn story. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope it wasn´t too difficult to understaind it because of my English grammatical and vocabulairical mistakes.


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Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
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Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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