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divendres, de novembre 26, 2004

3 months in paradise....

3 months in paradise, that´s the feeling I have right now about my stay and studie in Barcelona.

The first few days were like I was on holiday. So warm so much sun and visiting the beach every day. First we tried the beach near the youth hostel at Barceloneta. I really liked that one because there were lot´s of people from abroad, and there was a very nice ambiance. There were not much families but more youngsters and groups. People were playing guitar, singing just relaxing and juggling.
The next day we went to the beach at Por Olimpic. On the site from the Baja beach club and Carpe diem. I think I loved that beach the most. It was very big , but specially in the month september, like every beach during the summer, full of people. The water was very clear and the beach was clean. And another positief thing were the toilets. At the most beaches there were only some small very discusting chemical toilets to go to, and we weren´t aloud to go to the toilets in a bar or restaurant when we weren´t eating there. But at the beach in Port Olimpic were very nice big and clean toilets, we had to pay 50 cents for it, but it was worth it.
We also went to the beach on the other site from Port Olimpic. That was a nice beach as well, but the water was very dirty. So that was not that nice, because I din´t dare to swim in it.
On of the most amazing things was that on 21 octobre I still was able to lie on the beach in my bikini. It was also the last time, but in Holland I already would have turned on the heating.

But enough about beaches.
Some very nice experience was fiesta La Merçe. The temperature was still very high than and the sun was shinging. Every habitant from Barcelona was partying on the street and having fun. There were so many great things to do, and I saw some very nice traditions like the Castallers (human towers) and el Correfoc (people dressed like devils are trowing with fire) and at night there some great parties going on. La Merçe and El Forum (this was a big event in Barcelona about globalisation and cultural diversity) were finished at the same time so on that date there was the biggest and nicest firework I´ve ever seen.

Other things you really must go to are the Erasmus party´s. Invite your whole class and go there together. It was really nice to see my classmates outside of class and dance and talk together about other things than school. That way I got to know my classmates also on a different level.
And when there are know Erasmus pary´s to go to, than go to l´Oveilla Negra. That´s the place were lot´s of students from abroad go to. There are big tables, so you can talk with everyone you want. They have the best sangria from whole Barcelona, in a big can for only 7 euro´s.

Just wandering arround in El Raval y Bario Ghotico is also very nice to do, you´ll discover lot´s of nice little boutiques and shops. When you come in El Borne, you have to go to Vinyes del Senyor. A very small wine bar, but very cosey. El Borne is also a good place to eat tapas.

But the best place I have eaten is Margarita blue. Mexican nachos con guacamole y queso and Fajita´s......hmmmm... and cocktails, and all really really good. There´s a bar as well so it´s not necesarry to eat. And on some day´s there will be some acrobats performing.

I also went to Montserrat. It´s a monestry and you can see the black Virgin (nobody know´s how come she is black but she´s a legend in Catalunya and everybody kisses her hand for luck)there. But the thing I mostly liked about it were the nature, the vieuws, the silence and the fresh air. Because Barcelona is a very noisy and poluted city and I´m not used to live in city like that so for me it was really relaxing to go there and enjoy all those parts.

There are so many nice things to see and do in Barcelona, I could speak hours about it.
Oke just on last thing....The magical fountains at the Monjuíc, and the palau nacional. It looked really amazing. I lived there really near, and the first time I was walking that way I didn´t knew that there was something so beautifull near my house. But it was a beautifull surprise. You can see a way full of fountains and on the end a very big fountain, with light and music. And on top of a little hill you see the beautifull Palau Nacional. I can´t explain how nice, so just go there. Especially at night, because the vieuw is amazing near the palau with the whole city lighten up.

As I said Barcelona is enjoy you time!!!!!


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